$1 Makeup Organization | How I organize my makeup

If you follow me around on periscope or snapchat you’ll know I am huge on organizing! I love organizing my makeup the most. I went to Daiso (a 100 Yen Japanese store) and immediately spotted the most ADORABLE makeup organizers. You can see above that they’re baby pink with a floral design and absolutely perfect for organizing makeup. On periscope I had originally used the cute pink daiso organizers inside of my drawer unit but I decided to just re arrange them and use them in my main drawer for my everyday makeup. I cannot express to you guys how handy these $1 organizers are. I will show you a few more close ups below.  I also decided to use a few of them for my blush drawer since they fit my blush compacts perfectly.  Now I know you guys will be wondering what on earth happened to my hot pink organizers I found at daiso this summer? They were also put to use!
 As you can see I use $1 organizers from daiso for my entire makeup collection! not only are they functional, but they are affordable and so much cuter than any other organizers I have found.
You can purchase Daiso Organizers off the Daiso Website (DaisoJapan.com).
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