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It has been a while since I posted anything home related on here and my youtube channel, So I thought I’d show you guys my current project. My living room. I will hopefully be posting before and after pictures of the entire process. I will somewhat explain my ideas on this post though.
I am actually going to be using the 6 drawer malm set from Ikea as my entertainment center. I do live alone therefore I can store and place things however is functional for me. and I am in need of a dresser but have no room for it in my bedroom so I want to place it in my living room as a faux entertainment center however, I will be storing my clothes in it.
The sofa I chose is actually a futon. I realized it’s a bit irritating not having anywhere for people to sleep when they stay over. Like family and friends. So I ¬†thought this would be a great investment. I will also be purchasing an extra set of sheets and comforter so that I can protect the sofa when people use it.
My office is also sort of in my living room so the small sofa is perfect. Speaking of my office though, I am in need of a small desk that fits perfectly in this weird nook in my living room and this ikea desk is perfect.
I actually have a clothing rack in my living room with my favorite pink and white clothing. It looks very chic so I want to put a lack shelf from ikea next to it to display a few of my favorite purses, shoes, and books.
The rest is pretty self explanatory. Hopefully you guys got a slight idea of what I have in mind through this post. I can’t wait to show you guys my progress!


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