Toofaced Natural Love Palette Review & Swatches

I know I’m not the only one who’s eyes popped out of their heads when they initially saw this palette. This palette is so gorgeous! The packaging is to die for and the colors look beautifully put together. But is this palette worth buying? are the shadows better than they look? Lets overview what I like and dislike about this palette. But first I will show you guys some swatches where you can be the judge wether these colors are for you or not.









Claims: For all you natural lovers out there, your beauty dreams have just become reality. From professional makeup artists to starlets and real women, the natural eye had been one of the most coveted but challenging looks to achieve until Too Faced created the original Natural Eye palette in 2009. With essential neutral shades and our signature get-the-look Glamour Guides, Too Faced changed the beauty world forever. To celebrate this iconic look, get ready to fall hard for the first-ever Natural Love Eye Shadow Collection blockbuster with 30 naturally gorgeous eye shadows! Of course we had to include some of your favorites from the bestselling Natural Eyes, Natural Matte, and Natural At Night palettes, but get ready to take your neutral game to the next level with new exclusive shades.

Packaging: This packaging is my favorite out of all of the toofaced palettes I own (which is most of them). I love how thin and compact it is. Yet it is large but not too large. It has many color options to choose from and the pans are sized perfectly for eyeshadow brushes or your finger. Let’s not leave out how gorgeous and detailed the cover is.  I also love that they included the shadow names which makes it easier for a blogger like me to use in tutorials etc.

Formula: The formula for these are very soft, blendable, shadows. However the formula varies between the matte shades, shimmer shades, and glittery shades. The matte shades seemed to be pretty blendable, they aren’t too loose and don’t really have any fall out. However if not blended enough they can be patchy. I typically like to start my shadow with primer & translucent powder for a smooth clean canvas. If  you aren’t applying primer and powder before eyeshadow then I would suggest it if you want an even soft application. However I would recommend that with any palette. The glitter shadows are beautiful however work much better with setting spray in the mix. The shimmery colors are very gorgeous however I’d also recommend setting spray as they tend to be a bit sheer. These also apply well with the fingers.  I do feel like the texture of these shadows is very inconsistent. Some are smooth, some are silky, and some are just very dry.

Pigmentation: Again, the pigmentation is varied between the finish of the color. I think the darker colors however are definitely more pigmented than the lighter ones.

Scent: No scent

Price: $59 USD


♥ Color selection is right up my alley! I love neutrals and pinks

♥ very blendable matte shadows

♥ Sleek thin packaging


♥ most of the shadows are soft and silky

♥ Great color selection

♥ Colors are go together very well


♥ some shades are very dry and crumbly

♥ packaging gets dirty easily

♥ shades aren’t super unique but they are pretty

♥ I feel like the quality of the shadows overall could be better

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  • Hannah Morris , Direct link to comment

    I have had my eye on this palette for ages, but the price puts me off as it is so much money! Too Faced do have great products though and of course the packaging is always stunning!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

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